Another day closer to going home

I really slept late this morning – didn’t get up until 0800. Needless to say, I didn’t get breakfast at the chow hall. After formation I went to Green Beans and got a large White Mocha. Mmmmmm. I made it last almost until lunch time. I spent the morning playing on the computer and doing a little bit of property book stuff. After lunch (alone), I did more computer stuff and then I went an practiced for almost an hour and a half. I worked on my Brass Quintet music. Then I went home and got some stuff ready to go to the Post Office and went to the PO to mail them. It was almost 1700 by the time I was done there, so I went home for a while and chatted with Ryan and changed into PTs – and lost track of time. I didn’t have time to stop t the chow hall for dinner on my way back for Salsa rehearsal. Rehearsal went well, and then I went to Pizza Hut and got a veggie pizza for dinner. I brought it back to my room and ate it there, and then I crocheted for a bit and then got my checkbook all up to date.

Time for bed now. . .

Today’s high: 69
Current: 57

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