The long days begin again

This morning was interesting.  I had formation at 0730, and I’m glad it was up here by where we live.  I didn’t have any tan t-shirts and the laundry point doesn’t open until 0700.  I was too lazy yesterday to pick up my laundry on my day off.  So I was at the laundry point at 0700 when they opened to pick up my laundry, then home to get into uniform and get out to the meeting area with my tuff box by 0730.  We got everything loaded on the truck and we headed out to the airfield for customs inspection and then we built pallets with the tuff boxes and duffel bags of excess stuff that we don’t need – cold weather gear, extra uniforms, etc.  We were done about 1015 and then back to work.  It was almost lunch time by the time I got back to the band hall, so I just went through my e-mails until lunch.  I ate lunch with TD and AM.

After lunch we had our quarterly OPSEC training and then I didn’t have anything for the rest of the afternoon.  I did some ADO paperwork and did some brainstorming about supply stuff with SFC E.  I did some property book stuff.  I did e-mails.  At 1700, I headed home to change into PTs so I could be comfortable for salsa rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well – read a couple of new pieces as well as worked on old ones.  We have several gigs coming up in the next week or so.  After rehearsal was done, I did 175 situps.  I think I’ll be fine for the PT test next month.  My first group of 100, I didn’t really start slowing down much until about 70.  Then I took a short break and did 50 more and then a break and 25 more.  Then I headed off to pizza hut to share a pizza with TD.  We hung out and talked for a while and now I’m home and heading to bed.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  63

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