A Normal Sunday!

I slept until almost 1100 this morning after last night’s late night. I got my stuff packed for tomorrow – we’re sending out a shipment of equipment and stuff we don’t need, like cold weather gear. So I have a small tuff box full of stuff that will be going out. Of course, to get to everything I wanted to send, I had to go in my big tuff box and get stuff. To get into it, I had to clean the top of it off. So essentially I ended up cleaning/straightening my side of the room. It’ll be nice having a whole bed to sleep on again tonight – instead of just 3/4 of it. Once I was done packing and cleaning and straightening, I did stuff on my computer, chatted with friends and Dad and Mom, and I stitched for a little over 2 hours!! It was a good day off.

Shortly after 1700 I got ready for church and headed to the chapel via the band hall. Our new batch of Joyful Noez t-shirts finally came in and I had to get the box out of my office so I could give the shirts out tonight. I didn’t sing with them since I couldn’t be at rehearsal on Friday, but it was still great being back at church. JN has grown some since I last saw them. We now have 2 acoustic guitar players, an electric guitar player (haven’t had one of those for MONTHS), and a bass player (haven’t had once since November), a drummer, a keyboard player (although he wasn’t there tonight), and a harmonica player. Not only did they sound great tonight, but they looked great as well with everyone in JN t-shirts! The message was about love (appropriate for Valentine’s Day yesterday). After the service we took a group picture of Joyful Noez since everyone had their shirts, and then we headed to dinner. The group was smaller, but we have a lot of members that have to either go to work after the service, or go back to work. Fellowship at dinner was good as always. Once we were done there, I headed to the call center to call Ryan & Robbie and Mom & Dad. It was nice talking to everyone, especially since I didn’t get to call last week.

Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high: 73
Current: 63

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