BQ and ADO

Since I ran yesterday afternoon, I slept in this morning.  I’m glad I did.  We had  dust storm today and it was WINDY.  I dropped a bag of laundry off on my way to the chow hall for breakfast on my way to formation.  After formation, I checked my e-mail and stuff, and then the rest of the morning was spent in Brass Quintet rehearsal.  Rehearsals almost always make the time go by faster.  I ate lunch and then came back and stitched for a little while.  Then after lunch I finished up our ADO order for the month.  I also went through and figured out who has what on back order still.  That took the rest of the afternoon.  Then it was off to dinner and home to relax for the evening.  I crocheted on a prayer shawl for a while, and now I’m heading to bed even though it’s only 2100.

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