I arrived in Kuwait Monday evening.  It is now nearly noon on Wednesday and I am still in Kuwait.  So a little more about my flight from Atlanta to Kuwait.  I had a window seat.  That was about the only good thing about it.  My light didn’t work – mainly because there was no light bulb in it.  Hmm. . . .  And my seat didn’t recline.  Hmm. . . .  At least I could lean against the window to sleep.  And sleep I did – for about all but maybe 45 minutes of each of the 2 legs of the flights.  Of course, by doing that, I didn’t get to eat.  I guess the guy that was sitting next to me tried to wake me up for one of the meals, but I was OUT.

So now I’m just waiting for a flight to Iraq.  I have accountability formation at 0700 and 1900 and each time I hope to hear that I get a roll call time.  But no such luck so far.  I’ll be going to accountability number 4 this evening at 1900.  Maybe. . .   Keep your fingers crossed for me.  It’s not bad here, especially since I have my stitching and my computer – I finally paid $4 for 24 hours of wireless internet instead of waiting in line at the MWR for 30 minutes of computer time.  My bed is not fun.  First off, there’s not a lot of room in the tents on the floor, so I decided to just put my bags ON my bed.  Not a big deal although it takes up some space.  But I ended up on a top bunk and there’s *maybe* 2 feet of clearance from the mattress to the tent roof.  Once I’m in bed, it’s not too bad, but getting up and down is kind of not much fun.  Oh well, at least it’s a place to sleep.  And I’ve only slept 2 nights here so far.  Hopefully I won’t be here tonight.  I guess I’ll find out at 1900.


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