Greetings from Shannon, Ireland

I have begun my journey back to Iraq.  My flight left Marquette County Airport at 0730 Sunday morning after I said my goodbyes to Ryan and Robbie and Mom and Dad and Rick.  My flights were uneventful – from Marquette to Milwaukee to Chicago.  Once in Chicago, the Soldier that I had traveled with from Atlanta to Chicago on my way home was there and we were on the same flight back to Atlanta.  It’s always nice to travel with someone you know.  He got married over leave, so he told me all about his wedding.  Once back to Atlanta, we got signed off leave and got our boarding passes for our long flight.  Then we headed up to the USO for free wings and sandwiches and stuff from Hooters.  They had Hooters girls there as well – yay.  There was also free internet, so I was able to get online to kill some time.  I even took an hour or so nap.  Finally we headed through security and off to our gate to await our flight to Kuwait via Shannon, Ireland.  The flight was good I guess – I slept the whole way after about the first half hour or so.  I took some Benydryl so I wasn’t blowing my nose every 2 seconds and it knocked me out.  I’ll probably do that again for the next leg from here to Kuwait.  We’ve got about 2 hours on the ground here in Ireland to change crew and refuel the plane, and there’s free wi-fi, so I took my computer off the plane with me.

Next time I write will probably be from my own room back in Iraq.

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