Bob the Builder!!

This morning we got up and got breakfast eaten, and Ryan got the van cleaned off from the snow we got overnight. Ryan and Mom and Robbie and I headed to Stitches N Things cross stitch store. I brought a finished cross stitch piece (picture at the end) to be framed and Mom bought a few things. Ryan bought something, but he hasn’t shared with me yet what it is. Then we headed back to Rick’s, and went a different way and the roads were much better. We saw probably 15-20 cars in the ditch on our way to the store. We picked up Dad at Rick’s and then headed to where Rick works to visit with his coworkers for a little while and they always enjoy seeing Robbie. Then Mom went with Rick (he was done with work for the day) and they went grocery shopping. The rest of us went to the mall here and Robbie got to play in the play area for a little while and then we all had ice cream at Dairy Queen. We stopped at the Verizon store near the mall after that to see if they could figure out why my Yahoo messenger doesn’t work on my phone since I did an upgrade to the program last week. After it logs me in, it tells me it can’t find my friend list and then logs me out. The guy that was working with me determined (by trying on a different phone that my battery fit into) that my phone won’t support the upgraded version of Yahoo on their. I’ll be able to upgrade my phone in April, so whenever I get home from Iraq, I’ll just update my phone and then it will work again. I’ll live without chatting with my friends on my phone for a few more days I guess. But if you want to text message me, just e-mail me and I’ll give you my phone number.

Then it was back to Rick’s house and he already had a bunch of his Christmas decorations down. Robbie helped him undecorate his tree while Mom and I made pasty pie for supper. It was really good, and then after supper we stopped at Hobby Lobby on our way to the Wharton Center to see Bob the Builder Live. You should have seen the look on Robbie’s face when Bob came out on stage!! He sure was excited – it was complete surprise to him until we got there and he saw what was going on. The vehicles (Scoop, Lofty, Scrambler, and Dizzy) were remote controlled and really cool!! The whole show was awesome and Robbie loved singing and dancing along with everyone else. It lasted about an hour and a half, and taught about recycling. Thanks, Rick, for the great evening!!

Now I’m heading to bed as we’ll be heading up north again tomorrow, so another long day.

Here’s a picture of the cross stitch piece that I finished last night and brought to be framed today. It’s called My Patriotic House and is by Forever in my Heart Designs.

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