Another Travel Day

I got up about 8:30 this morning and Robbie and I had breakfast together. Then we watched cartoons for a while and I stitched. Mom & Dad’s internet was out, so I wasn’t able to do anything on my computer. It’s not a bad thing once in a while. 🙂 After Mom got home from work shortly before 1, we had lunch, and then we headed south to Rick’s house where we will spend the next few days. We had really nice weather for traveling, and I stitched until it was too dark to see to stitch anymore – just as we were stopping for dinner. Then I read a Runner’s World magazine the rest of the way (I have a little reading light). Once to Rick’s town, we stopped for gas and then at Walmart for night-time diapers. We got settled at Rick’s, and now Robbie is in bed, and I have about 15 minutes of stitching I want to do to finish the piece I was working on in the car.

I’m finally about caught up on my crunches – only 45 behind now.  I’ll still be able to average 100 a day, though.  🙂