I slept until almost 10 this morning.  I had planned on being up before Mom left for work, but I didn’t hear my watch alarm go off.  By the time I got up, Dad had the big tree undecorated and outside.  Robbie and Rick helped undecorate it.  The family room sure looks big now without the tree in there.  Robbie and I had breakfast together and then we spent the morning playing.  After Ryan had been up for a while, we went to Marquette and went to Burger King for lunch and then did some shopping at Walmart.  We stopped a few other places for Ryan on the way home as well, but Robbie and I stayed in the car.  It was COLD out.  Around -9 when I got up.

Once we got home, Robbie and I played some more and I played the piano for a while while Robbie was "coloring" on my computer using the Paint program.  I also washed a couple of batches of sauna towels so that we have towels next time we have sauna.  After Mom got home from work and grocery shopping, we had leftovers for dinner.  Various sandwiches, chili, sweet potatoes, corn, meatballs, etc. from the past few days.  Then it was more playing with Robbie, and after he was in bed, I crocheted a little and then stitched some as well.

Today’s high:  10
Current:  -9

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