Merry Christmas!

Yes, Merry Christmas.  Christmas *IS* on the 25th, right??  Well, today was the 25th.  We got up and got ready for church and headed off.  Robbie didn’t want me to leave today, so I did his Sunday School with him instead of the adult class.  He was the only kid in his class today, so after the singing and prayer time, we played down in his classroom – me and him and his teacher.  Church was really nice, and Mom and I sang a duet as a call to worship, and then I sang a solo during the offering.  After the service we had a pot luck with lots of good food and then our annual meeting.  

Then it was home to clean the house, cook food, get tables set up, etc.  The family arrived shortly after 5, and once everyone was here, there were 18 of us.  It sure was nice to see everyone, and we had our traditional Christmas dinner – ham, mashed taters, sweet taters, corn (regular and cream style), pickles, salad, and rolls.  And for dessert we had chocolate chip cheesecake or angel food cake with strawberries and cool whip.  I had cheesecake.  Everything was really good.  After dinner, we visited for a while, and then took our annual family picture with everyone, and a picture of all the cousins.  There were 12 of us this year – 7 cousins, 2 spouse-cousins, and 3 of the next generation.

After everyone had left, I got to open presents.  Ryan got me a Keurig Gourmet Single Cup coffee maker and a bunch of coffees to go with it!!!!!  That sure is going to be nice once I get back from Iraq.  He also got me some fun socks.  Rick got me a book about military women from Vietnam to Iraq and a new Lutheran hymn book.  Mom’s present was our outing yesterday.  Robbie got a few gifts as well, including having to do a scavenger hunt to find one of them.  He really enjoyed doing that.  The end gift was a sweater that Mom had crocheted for him.

We had sauna to end the day, and now I’ll be heading to bed in a little while.

Today’s high:  5
Current:  -6 (windchill of -14)

Mom and I headed into town together today for a Mother-Daughter Day.  Mom treated me to breakfast at Perkins (blueberry pancakes for both of us!) and then we headed to a nail salon.  Mom got a manicure and I got a pedicure.    I was able to finish the baby blanket I’ve been crocheting on while she was getting her nails done, and then she worked on a crochet project while I was getting mine done.  Then we went to Target for a little bit of shopping.  I only *needed* 2 things, but we both came out with more than just my 2 things.  I did get the 2 things, but more as well.  Then we stopped at the grocery store for that kind of shopping and then it was home to our guys.  Robbie sure was glad to see Mommy.  I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with him.  Then in the evening we went to my Grandparents’ house for "Christmas Eve" dinner.  We had homemade pizzas that Mom and I made.  Rick cooked them.  It was nice visiting with Grandma and Grandpa and of course Robbie had lots of fun over there.  Then it was home and Robbie went to bed and I stitched.  I worked on an EGA Correspondence Course called White Queen – it’s all white flosses on white fabric.  Here is how it looks after 5.5 hours:

Today’s high:  12
Current:  -2