Home sweet HOME!!!!

My long journey home for leave is complete.  The rest of the day at Kuwait went well – until we actually to the airport.  We sat on the plane on the ground for almost 3 hours before we finally took off on an about 7 hour flight to Shannon, Ireland.  There were just a lot of aircraft and they couldn’t get our plane out..  We finally got going though.  We were on the ground in Shannon for about 45 minutes while they switched crew and refueled.  Then it was off to Atlanta, about an 8 1/2 hour flight.  That was pretty uneventful and then after Atlanta, it was to baggage claim, through customs and all that fun stuff.  I got signed out on leave and got my next flight information.  Then I found my terminal for my flight from Atlanta to Chicago.  That one left 1/2 hour late but it was a good flight.  At the end of the flight, the head flight attendant announced that there were some "heros" on board, and after he pointed them out, everyone gave us a round of applause.  That made me cry.  There were me and about 4 or 5 male Soldiers on the plane.

Once to Chicago, I found my next terminal and got checked in for my final flight.  And then changed terminals when they announced a terminal change.  And then I changed terminals yet again when there was a second change.  We finally left about 45 minutes late and we had an uneventful and short (a little less than an hour) and when we got parked at the Marquette County Airport the flight attendant called me to the front of the plane so I could get off first.  I walked into the airport to just about the whole family there – Ryan and Robbie at the front of course.  It took a little bit for Robbie to come to me, but I just kept hugging all my other family members and finally Robbie came to me for hugs, and he’s been fine ever since.  It was sooooooooooo nice to be back home, even if only for a few weeks.  Robbie has been talking almost nonstop since the first hug.  I can’t believe how smart he is, and how well he talks – and the big words he uses.

We had sauna last night once we got back home to Mom & Dad’s house and boy was that nice.  Although I was TIRED with not much sleep on the planes.  Went I went up to bed, I don’t even remember laying down.  I was OUT.

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