Greetings from Kuwait

The past few days have been hectic getting ready for leave.  Tuesday I finished up the ADO order for the month – and I was at work until nearly 1900 doing that.  Then I headed home and crocheted for a while before heading to Line Dance lessons.  Well, no one showed up except the guy that runs it and me and another assistant teacher.  So we’re not going to be doing them anymore.  The three of us went to Green Beans and hung out for a while and then I headed home.   My internet wasn’t cooperating so I wasn’t able to get back online.

Wednesday was a day of waiting.  I had to clear my funds for the FOO purchasing, but I had to wait for my FOO to finish clearing his part of stuff.  He finally had his last appointment at 1430 and then we were able to head out to Finance (via a stop at BN Supply office for a memo – BN is on the opposite end of camp from where the 1430 appointment was) and I finally got my left-over money turned in and all my paperwork cleared.  We left shortly after 1600.  Then we headed back to our living area and I dropped off my gear in my room and went and picked up laundry – 2 bags of mine and one bag for my roommate as well.  Then it was off to the arms room to turn in my weapon.  Boy did I feel light without it.  Then to one last stop to turn in paperwork from clearing.  Finally – good to go on leave.  We got back to the band hall about 1730 and I did a final check of e-mail, cleaned out my sent and deleted items, turned on my Out-of-Office Reply, and logged off.  I headed over to the chapel office to meet up with TD for a last dinner before I go on leave.  That was a nice dinner, but I did 2 funnies.  The first one, I got up to get some ice cream and I asked TD if he would watch my weapon and without thinking, he gave the standard reply of sure.  Then I laughed because I realized that I had no weapon for him to watch.  So I get the ice cream and we finish eating and as I’m getting ready to get up to leave, and leaned over to my right to pick up my weapon as I always do.  Only there was no weapon to pick up.  TD and I had a good laugh over that.

I headed home to finish packing and change into a clean uniform.  Then shortly after 2000 I headed up to Battalion for my ride to the airfield.  I got manifested on a flight – and my roll call time was at 0130!!!!  I didn’t have to leave and come back.  Woohoooo!!!!  So I sat around waiting for my roll call time – read a few of the magazines I had in my carry-on and some in my current book (Roots by Alex Haley).  Roll call came and went without incident and then I had another almost 2 hours to kill before Baggage Call.  That came and went and my duffel bag went to the pallet yard.  Then it was time to gear up and get ready to get on the plane.  Once on the plane (C-17), I was ASLEEP.  I only got about an hour of sleep – it’s not a super long flight.  Once in Kuwait we got on busses to go to the PAX (passenger) terminal and I was ASLEEP again – only about a 15 minute bus ride.  Since we got here, it’s been wait around to wait in line, wait in line, do something, wait around some more, wait in line some more, etc.  I have some time to kill before our lock-down time for customs and more briefings and then eventually the bus ride to Kuwait City Airport for my flight HOME to the US!!!

I think I’m going to go get a manicure to kill some more time.  LOL

Talk to you again when I’m safe at home in MI!


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