Rain, rain go away

I had to set my alarm clock last night because I had to be to the band hall by 0930. We had a salsa gig today. So I got there and helped load the truck and then we headed over to the stage at Camp Liberty where were going to be playing at. We unloaded the truck and got everything set up. We had time to go shopping at the big PX there (I didn’t go) and eat (I had a tuna sub from subway, but it wasn’t very good because the guy seriously needs lessons in cutting bread in HALF and they didn’t have any green peppers). As it was getting near time for sound check, we still had no power AND the dark clouds were rolling in. And soon there were a few rain drops. And a few more. So the call was made to cancel the gig and we tore down and got everything loaded on the truck – in less than 15 minutes! We got back to the band hall and unloaded the truck and got everything put away. And then I headed home for a few hours of stitching – or so I thought. I managed about a half hour and then I was TIRED. So I took a nap until 1700 when I had to get ready to head to the chapel. In the rain. The service went really well. But before the service, I kind of made a civilian lady cry. We’ve been praying for her sister who is suffering from cancer for months now, and I brought her a prayer shawl from the prayer shawl ministry I started over here. She thought that was really sweet of me, and she cried. After the service we headed to dinner and then home – in the RAIN and mud.

I’m heading to bed in a little bit here.

Today’s High: 53
Current: 41


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