Shopping and Dancing

After formation this morning I headed to my office for supply work.  Then I went to lunch with some of my fellow supply guys – SE, JG, and CK.  We had a good time at lunch – lots of laughs.  Then it was back for some stitching and then a formation at 1300.  The Battalion Commander was here to talk to us again.  Always good stuff.  The SE and I headed out to do some FOO shopping before the end of the day.  We got stuff that we needed and were back by 1700.  After an e-mail check, I headed out to the chow hall via the PX to get a few things.  Once I finished my dinner, I headed home and stopped to pick up my laundry.  I ended up taking a short nap while I was doing e-mail and stuff on my computer – nothing like cuddling up to your laptop for a nap.  Then I headed to my last Country Night for a few weeks.  I had a GREAT time tonight.  I was out on the dance floor most of the night.  I took a lot of pictures of me with all my friends and dance partners so I’ll have to get them uploaded sometime.  And of course, I can share them when I’m home on leave.  I am worn out  – 4 hours of dancing will do that to you.   Talk about a good workout!

I’m off to bed now.

Today’s High:  62
Current:  46


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