Finally Friday – for what it’s worth

I was tired last night after dancing for almost 4 hours so I slept in this morning – until about 0800. Then I got up and ready for work and headed to formation. After formation I started working on the ADO order for the month. I went to lunch and ate with a couple of Country Night friends and then back to stitch for a while. Then at 1300 it was back to the ADO stuff. I took a break about 1430 and went to the PX and then back at it. By 1630 I had pretty much finished what I wanted to finish for the day, so that was a good thing!

About 1715 I headed to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal. I helped set up for a change since I was once of the first ones there. Rehearsal went ok I guess, but my heart wasn’t really in it tonight, and some changes have been made. I’m sure they’ll ended up being good changes, but I just need to have time get used to them. After rehearsal was done, I kept trying to help tear down and put stuff away, and I kept getting "here, let me get that for you." I left at that point and headed to the gym and got an awesome workout in. My workout buddy CJ had a mission today so he wasn’t able to workout with me, but I just did my routine by myself. I felt much better after I left the gym – and HUNGRY. I missed the chow hall by like 5 minutes, so I headed to Subway and got a tuna sub. That was a good dinner – I ate it when I got back to my room.

I’m chatting with Ryan and a few other friends right now, but I’m going to bed in a little bit.

Today’s high: 59
Current: 48

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