Turn ins complete

Luckily my running buddy overslept this morning again.  I forgot to set my alarm and I woke up to my watch alarm going off at 0810.  OOPS!!  So of course, I didn’t get breakfast either.  I chatted with Ryan for a bit while I was getting ready and then at 0845, I headed off to work.  After formation, I got a couple of Soldiers and they helped load up the broken office chairs and shop vacs and guitar amps into the truck again, and JG and I headed out to go turn them in.  We were successful today and returned back with an empty truck.  That took all morning, so it was lunchtime when we got back.  I stitched and checked my e-mail during lunch, and then after lunch I was finally able to do some supply work online since our network is back up.  Boy is that nice!!

Then we had Brass Quintet rehearsal from 1500-1700.  We just read through a bunch of stuff.  About 2/3 of it was sight reading for me, but there were a few pieces that I’ve played before.    It was a pretty fun rehearsal, but I’m still nervous in there.  After rehearsal was done, the duty day was pretty much done, but I took care of a few last minute e-mails before heading over to the call center to call Ryan.  We talked for a while about leave plans and stuff and then I headed home.

That’s when the evening got interesting.  I was supposed to meet up with my running buddy to go to the gym and workout.  But he hadn’t answered his e-mail at work and he wasn’t online.  So I figured we weren’t going.  I was chatting with TD and we decided to go get a pizza at Pizza Hut.  So as we were sitting down with the pizza, CJ (running/workout buddy) snuck up behind me.  He had been at the barber shop getting his hair cut and saw us over there.  So he sat with us while TD and I ate the pizza and then I went to the gym and worked out with him.  I am going to be sore tomorrow.  I had already done 275 crunches at work today, and then we did 4 sets – 10 pullups (assisted for now), 20 pushups, 10 dips, 15 incline situps.  Then we did 3 sets of standing obliques – 20 each side per set, and I was holding a 25 pound weight plate during.  Then we did a couple of sets of 20 good mornings.  I really need to strengthen my back muscles, and these will help.  We’re going to be getting together at the gym 3 times a week to workout, and when I go home on leave, I’m going to try and keep doing at least something so I don’t have to completely start over when I get back here.  It was a really good workout and I am going to sleep good tonight.  That’s where I’m headed now.

Today’s High:  57
Current:  43


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