Iraqi Correction Officer graduation ceremony

This morning was an early morning.  I was up about 0545 and ready to leave shortly after 0630.  I actually made it to the chow hall for breakfast – what a great way to start my day again.  Then it was off to the band hall for 0715 Brass Quintet formation.  I was early enough and I was able to warm up a little before we got on the bus and headed out.  I read during the bus ride to the gig site.  The ceremony was for the Iraqi Correction Officer Training Academy, and we played for their newest group of graduates.  You know how some people get goosebumps or a tear in their eye when they hear the U.S. National Anthem played or sung really well?  Well, I got goosebumps during the Iraqi Anthem today.  We played it and all the graduates sang it.  You could just hear the pride in their country through their singing.  It was a really nice ceremony even though the power went out right at the beginning.  But they went on with it and eventually it came back up.

Once the ceremony was done, it was back to the band hall and I read some more on the bus ride.  The JG and I went out and ran some errands over in the Battalion area, and I picked up one of our inventory sheets for the month.  I went home during lunch so I could get online for a bit.  Our network was still down at work, so no internet.  After I got back after lunch, I did a few things that I could do on my computer without the internet and I got stuff together that needed to be turned in.  When JG got back from dispatching the truck, he and I got the truck loaded (other Soldiers helped us) with everything to be turned in and we headed out.  It’s about a 20+ minute drive out to the turn in site, and when we get there, we find out that turn in days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays are issue days.  So we weren’t able to turn in all the stuff in the back of the truck.  *sigh*  Oh well!  We stopped at the big PX on our way back and I got some new black scrunchies for my hair and a pair of thin black gloves for when I go running in the mornings.  

Then we headed back to the band hall and got some Soldiers to unload the truck and put the stuff back in the quad con it had come out of.  I spent the rest of the day filling out the turn in paperwork for the things we’re turning in – on Monday now.  Shortly after 1700 our network came back up and I went through my work e-mails quick before heading to the chow hall for dinner and then on home.  I stopped and picked up a bag of laundry on my way to my room.  I’ve spent the evening stitching and chatting with family and friends and now I’m ready for bed – and it’s only 2115. 

Today’s High:  48
Current:  41 (windchill 39)

Pushups today:  100


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