Short day

We were off this morning, so I slept until about 0930 or so.  I got up and got my beginning of the month bills taken care of, my checkbook caught up, and played on my computer.  Then I got ready and shortly before 1100 headed off to the Chapel office for my friend TD’s promotion ceremony.  He got promoted from Private First Class (E-3) to Specialist (E-4).  There were a lot of the Country Night crew there as well as the Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants.  I always enjoy seeing good Soldiers get well-deserved promotions.  Congratulations T on your promotion!!  After the ceremony, some of us joined T for lunch, and then after lunch it was off to work.  After formation, I did what little I could on my computer since our network (both regular and secret internet and the phones) is still down.  It’s been down since Wednesday, and the majority of the work I do for supply and ADO are online.  I couldn’t even print out my music for Joyful Noez rehearsal tonight as our printer is a network printer.  

At 1430 we had Brass Quintet rehearsal to get ready for our gig tomorrow.  That lasted most of the rest of the afternoon.  Pretty soon it was close to 1700 and I headed out to meet up with the Country Night crew at the chow hall for dinner with TD.  Me and another guy were there and finally we got cold and tired of waiting so we went in and got our food.  Everyone else finally showed up about 1730.  I hung out with them for a bit before heading to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  We had a lot of new people tonight, including a bass player and an electric guitar player.  It’s nice having a full band again.  Rehearsal went pretty well, although there are still a lot of distractions during the rehearsal.  We need to work on staying focused and saving the extraneous stuff for after.  Everyone pretty much scattered after rehearsal, so I’m glad I ate dinner before.  JM had his truck there, so he gave EN and me a ride home since it was pretty chilly and he was going our way anyway.  Thanks for the ride J!

Once home, I stitched for 1/2 hour since I hadn’t touched a needle yet today, and now I’m finishing up e-mail and I’ll be heading to bed really soon.  I’ve got early formation tomorrow morning.

Today’s High:  44  I think winter is officially here
Current:  37 (windchill of 34)

Crunches today:  125


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