Today was the first fairly cold day.  I slept until 0900 as I didn’t have to be in until 1015 for a BQ gig.  I turned in a bag of laundry on my way and I was at the band hall plenty early enough to get a good warm up in before we headed next door to the MP Station for their Transfer of Authority Ceremony.  It was COLD and windy out.  But the gig went well – it was a really informal ceremony, and only about 15 minutes long.  That was kind of nice.  But boy was it cold sitting out in the wind.  Once the gig was done, we headed back to the band hall in time to go to lunch.  I went to Green Beans and got a white hot chocolate and then back to my office to stitch.  After lunch we had a formation to put information out and then a short BQ rehearsal.  Then we were off for the rest of the day.  That was nice getting some down time. 

I spent the afternoon stitching and I finished my first finish for the year.  It’s for a gift, so I can’t post a picture yet.  I chatted with Ryan and some friends and then about 1930 I headed to the MWR for Country Night.  It was inside tonight since it was pretty cold out, and even colder with the wind chill.  There weren’t as many people as usualy, but it was still fun.  One of my dance partners wasn’t there as he wasn’t feeling good, but "Suspenders" did ask me to dance.  That was fun.  I’ve added one more line dance to my repertoire thanks to Tuesday night lessons.  It still needs a lot of work, but I’ll get it.  It’s one of the hardest ones we do.  We actually ended about 30 or so minutes early tonight because there was hardly anyone left.  Once we got everything put away, TD offered to walk me home.  We were both hungry, so we stopped by the chow hall for midnight chow.  I had scrambled eggs, a hash brown, and french toast.  Now I’m home and heading to bed.

Today’s High:  51
Current:  36 (with a windchill of 29)

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