HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got up and headed to work this morning.  I didn’t really do much after formation – a few things on  my computer and that was about it.  We had a cookout for lunch – burgers, chicken, and ribs.  We didn’t have many chips and stuff, so I went to the PX and bought more chips and some cookies.  After the cookout was over, those of us that had jobs tonight were done for the day.  I headed home and I took a nap for a while.  Then I crocheted on and finished a baby blanket.  For some reason it was big enough after 4 skeins of yarn – usually I use 5 skeins.  Hmmmm. . .  About 2030 I headed over to TD’s CHU area for the cookout he and his neighbors were having.  There were about 20 or so people out there – more burgers, steak, hot dogs, chicken, chips, etc.  I ate a little bit, but I was still full from lunch.  And then I had to go to work.  BQ had formation at 2215 for a reenlistment ceremony at the palace.  The ceremony started at 2330.  And at midnight they had the First Annual Carp Drop.  There are tons of HUGE carp in the pond outside the palace, so they had a styrofoam/cardboard/something carp on a fishing pole that they lowered from the 3rd floor balcony at midnight.  And then we played Auld Lang Syne.  Then we were done, and once we got back tot he band hall, I headed back to TD’s place for a little while.

I’m off to bed now, but I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2009!

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