A Long Day

I actually woke up at "go run time" but after only 4 hours of sleep, I didn’t feel like running.  I left a message on my running buddy’s IM, but it worked out good because he ended up oversleeping again.  I went back to sleep until 0800 and then I got up and ready for work.  After formation we were supposed to have a class, and we sat around waiting and then the class was going to be at 1100.  So I went to my office and did some e-mails and stuff and then went back to the rehearsal room for the class.  It finally got under way about 1125.  I’m glad I always keep a book in my cargo pocket, and I got some reading done while I was waiting.  Then I stitched through what was left of lunch.  After lunch I took care of some paperwork and some filing until it was time for brass quintet rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well – some more new tunes for me.  I’ve got some practicing to do before the gigs this week.

After rehearsal was done, I headed to the chow hall for a quick dinner and then back for salsa band rehearsal from 1800-2000.  That went good, and we read through a few new tunes.  Then I headed home finally, and did a little bit of stitching.  Now I’m heading to bed as I’m TIRED.

Crunches today:  225

Today’s high:  60
Current:  50

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