Merry CHRISTmas from Iraq!

Merry Christmas to family and friends, both far and near.  I was up at 0500 this morning to watch the Christmas Eve gift opening at my grandparents’ house.  Ryan brought his computer over there, and he had his Yahoo IM webcam going and we did voice chat as well.  It was really neat being able to "be there" with them and see and hear what was going on.  After that was done, I went back to bed until almost 1000.  Then I got up and dressed and opened my packages from Mom & Dad and Rick.  Rick got me a really nice tote bag for my crochet projects, 6 skeins of yarn (3 pinkish and 3 purple), a pre-paid Visa gift card, and 2 really cute magnets.  He had also drawn my name for the family (mom’s side) Christmas name draw, and for that he got me UNO Flash.  It looks like a really fun game.  Mom and Dad got me a really neat little mirror magnet that they made at the intergenerational Sunday School class, some snacks that I like, some drink mix packets, and then for me to share some Yooper Bars (I’m going to share them with Joyful Noez tomorrow night) and some candy canes (I brought those to Country Night).  Thank you all for everything!!

After I had finished opening my gifts, I got out my stitching, and stitched for a while before heading to meet TD at the Chaplain’s office, and when he got off work, we headed to the chow hall for Christmas Dinner (at lunch time).  It was pretty good.  The ham didn’t look good, so I had turkey instead.  And I had sweet potatoes and corn on the cob (way overcooked) and cornbread dressing and cranberry sauce.  Then I had applie pie and pralines & cream ice cream for dessert.  And a glass of sparkling grape juice and a glass of egg nog to drink.  I actually didn’t overstuff myself like I did at Thanksgiving so that was a good thing.

Then it was back to my room for more stitching and about 1730 I was back on the web cam/voice chat and I got to watch the opening of the stockings and stuff from Santa.  Robbie was so cute handing out the gifts.  And he knew the order – we do one gift at a time, youngest to oldest.  My son is definitely a NASCAR fan, and Santa brought him some Jimmie Johnson (#48) stuff.  Jimmie Johnson is Robbie’s favorite driver – teammate to me and Ryan’s favorite driver #24 Jeff Gordon.  Ryan got some Jeff Gordon stuff.  It was fun watching them, and once again, I’m glad I was able to "be there" with them.

I stitched until it was time to leave for Country Night – I got 5 hours in today on Lady of the Flag!!  I actually got to the MWR for the beginning of Country Night, so I had over 4 hours of dancing tonight.  I’m not sitting out many of the line dances anymore and I dance cha-chas and some two-steps with TD, waltzes with CJ, and then other two-steps with whoever asks me to dance.  There aren’t many females there usually so those of us that are there get traded around.  It looks really funny with 2 guys dancing together, so they don’t do that.  🙂

It is now 0145 and I’ll be staying up for a while waiting for the last gift opening of the day.  But I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  54

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