Shopping and Church

This morning I chatted with Ryan for a while before heading to work.  They made it safely to Mom & Dad’s house after 2 days of driving in the snow and bad roads.  I’m glad they made it safely, and it was a nice way to start my day chatting with Ryan.  Then it was off to work, and after formation, we headed out – we being me, SFC E, SSG N, SPC B, and PFC M.  SFC E is the Field Ordering Officer (FOO) for our unit and I’m the Paying Agent.  We get money and go shopping to buy stuff that the unit needs to function – office supplies, furniture, etc.  We got a lot of stuff today and were gone most of the day.  We shopped the morning away, and then SFC E and I bought the guys pizza for lunch.  They appreciated that, and the 5 of us had a good time chatting over our pizza.  Then it was off to the band hall to unload the 2 vehicles and go back out for more.  But it turned out we didn’t need the big truck the second trip as the furniture store delivers.  We bought wall lockers for the band hall, so everyone has a place to store their backpacks and cold weather jackets and stuff during the day.

Once we got back from our shopping trip, we had a formation with lots of information put out – this is the first time the whole unit has been together for like a week.  Then we had our Secret Santa gift exchange.  I gave my person some vanilla body wash, a crochet face/wash cloth, and some chocolates.  She (JH) really liked everything.  My friend GG had me, and he got me a really pretty pillow cover from the Iraqi Bazaar here.  He did something typical of my family and made me feel like I was at home – he wrapped the gift in a box, and then wrapped that box in a slightly larger box, and then wrapped that box in yet another box.  Everyone else had opened their’s and found out who their SS was, and I was still trying to get into mine.  Thanks GG for making me smile!!

Then it was off to the chapel for a Christmas Service that one of the units did.  Their Chaplain asked Joyful Noez to come and provide music.  We had 3 vocalists and our guitar and piano players there, and it was really nice.  We ended with Silent Night like last night, but we all had chem lights in lieu of candles.  We sang the 3 verses of Silent Night and then went back to verse 1 accapella.   They turned off the last bank of lights for that verse, and that’s when the tears started.  I had to put my microphone down cuz my voice was cracking a little, but I kept on singing.  And then I cried through the last prayer and the benediction.  And then the lights came back up and the JN guys all asked me if I was ok.  I was, but tonight it really hit me for the first time that I won’t be home for Christmas this year, singing Silent Night next to my mom and being with my family.  (Ok mom, get a kleenex – I know you need one.)

After the service, we headed to the chow hall for dinner, and then I headed home.  I’ve been chatting with Ryan and my dad and a few other friends, and now I’m going to bed to try and get rid of this headache.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  61 – and WAY windy


4 thoughts on “Shopping and Church

  1. I was hoping the person you gave the gifts to was a female. haha

    What about dad needing a Kleenex?! Mom would be up at the organ anyway, so she wouldn’t be sitting by us, anyway.

    So did GG know about our family’s wrapping ways? Thought maybe at some point you had told him. But maybe that is just the way he is.


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