Stupid internet again

Yesterday morning started off with ceremonial band rehearsal and then off to the ceremony.  We played for another Transfer of Authority Ceremony, for Signal Brigades.  This was kind of a sad one as this is my friend CH’s unit.  He was part of the Color Guard and the whole color guard did an outstanding job.  They’re many hours of rehearsals that CH complained to me about definitely paid off.  We were getting on the bus to get ready to leave after the job, and CH appeared in the doorway.  MB (also a member of Joyful Noez) and I got off the bus to go say goodbye to C.

By the time we got back it was almost lunch time.  I did some e-mails and then went to the PX to get my Secret Santa gift and I got a few other things as well, and then I stitched during lunch.  After lunch was some office time and I got caught up on ADO stuff for now.  Then we had a run through of the stage band music for our concert.  It went pretty well – a few glitches, but better today than during the concert.  Then it was back to my office to take care of the ADO that came in during mail call, and then it was time to go home.

I went to dinner and after dinner went back to the band hall to get some of my stuff that’s been accumulating in my office and I headed home.  I had a nice relaxing evening crocheting on another part of my Secret Santa gift.  My internet was being really dumb and I couldn’t do anything in hotmail except see the long list of e-mails I had.  And those included text messages from Ryan during his trip from NY to MI.  I couldn’t answer them and it was really frustrating.  I was chatting with a friend on Yahoo IM, and he suggested we go to Green Beans for a bit, so I said sure.  I got dressed and put my hair up and headed over to meet TD at Green Beans.  He bought me a white hot chocolate and we sat and talked for a little while.  Then he walked me home and my internet was still being dumb – couldn’t do e-mail, couldn’t post a blog.  So I went to bed and boy did I sleep good.


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