Christmas Jazz

I slept until about 0930 or so this morning and that sure was nice.  My roommate was still sleeping when I got up.  I spent the morning doing stuff on my computer and I even stitched for an hour.  And then I had to head to the stage for 1330 sound check.  I got there and helped finish setting up some and got my horn out and warmed up.  It was WINDY today.  We had our Jazz Band Christmas Concert at 1430.  It went really well despite the wind.  Only about 25 in the audience, but that’s ok.  Everyone else just missed out.  After the concert, we got everything torn down and loaded on the truck and then unloaded at the band hall and we were done for the day.  Sunday is our day off, afterall.  I stopped at the laundry point on my way home and picked up my two bags of laundry so I had my Joyful Noez shirt for tonight.  I got to my room and got changed and headed back to the chapel for warmups and the service.  The service went really well with all the Christmas hymns.  We ended with Silent Night and the Chaplain Assistant turned out most of the lights in the chapel.  It was really cool.  Then it was off to dinner at the chow hall after.  Everyone had other stuff to do tonight, so no fellowship at Green Beans, but I still went.  TD had office duty at the chapel office today and I met him over there and we went to Green Beans for our (what seems like daily now) white hot chocolates.  I tried to pay, but he got his money into the hands of the cashier before I could.  LOL  It’s all good.  I’ll just have to go visit him in his office this week and bring him one.  We sat and talked for a while and drank our white hot chocolates and then he walked me home.  I’m actually going to bed early tonight.

Today’s high:  64
Current:  59


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