A Great Run & Congratulations to SGT MD!!

This morning started off with an AWESOME run with CJ.  We went 3.93 miles in 37:44 – an amazing 9:35 pace!!!  That’s my fastest pace run since I’ve been in Iraq other than the PT test on Halloween.  It felt great to be going "fast".  CJ usually runs about a 7:00 pace and he just kept pushing me a little at a time.  But wow!!  Talk about an awesome way to start your day.  Once back in my room after a quick shower, I crawled back into bed.  That’s when the problem occurred.  My bed was nice and comfy and warm and I didn’t want to get back up.  I finally managed to drag myself out of bed about 0825 which only left me 20 minutes to get ready and I didn’t get breakfast.  But my day still started great!

After formation, we had ceremonial band rehearsal and then I went and did an hour of individual practice time.  My practice "room" is starting to get a bit chilly now that it’s only getting up to *maybe* 58-60 during the day.  I stitched through lunch (yes, I did eat – I keep breakfast foods in my office).  Then after lunch I did some supply work and went up to the chapel office to sign the form to reserve my room for Prayer Shawl Ministry for another month.  I stopped at Green Beans on my way and bought a white hot chocolate for my friend TD, a Chaplain Assistant here.  I bought myself one, too, and YUMMY!!!!!!!  (TD is the person I had to see to sign the paperwork.)  Then it was back to the band hall to finish out the day with Stage Band rehearsal.  Or so I thought.  There had been a short ceremonial band rehearsal added after stage band, and then formation for information about various things to be put out.

Then I finally headed to dinner and met up with TD and SH.  We had a nice time chatting over dinner, and then I headed up to the Al Faw Palace for MD’s promotion ceremony.  He got promoted from Specialist to Sergeant, and very well-deserved.  He’ll make a fine NCO.  I’m glad I got to be there to see him get his stripes.  After the promotion and awards ceremony (9 Soldiers got promoted and they had some awards to present as well), I finally headed home for the day, and I got started working on some music Mom needs arranged and transposed into another key.  I’m using my Finale program, but I remember a lot more from BNCOC about the program than I thought I did.  I do know that there are much faster ways to do the music than what I’m doing, but I’ll redo the tutorials eventually and relearn it better.  But for now what I’m doing will work.

Pushup update – I did 410 pushups between Wednesday and Saturday last week.  This week I decided to alternate days and do crunches/situps on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and do pushups Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.  So today I did 150 crunches.

Off to bed as it’s after midnight and I have a ceremony in the morning.

Today’s High:  57
Current:  45


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