The Candle of Love

Happy Sunday!!!  Last night the internet wouldn’t connect at all so I couldn’t post.  And we won’t even talk about Friday.  We’ll just pretend Friday didn’t happen and call it good.  Yesterday we played for the Bulgarian End of Mission Ceremony.  The ceremony went well and I got 3 more countries to add to my "collection" – I got Bulgaria, Albania, and Lithuania all in one picture!  Other than the ceremony, it was rehearsals pretty much the rest of the day – ceremonial rehearsal in the morning before the ceremony and then stage band rehearsal in the afternoon.  Then I watched a movie with some friends in the evening and I was in bed by 2300.  I slept until almost 11 this morning and that was nice getting some good sleep.

I did stuff on my computer until about 1230 and then I headed up to the band hall for a trombone sectional for a couple of hours – to work on our stage band music as we have our Christmas concert coming up.  Then it was home to stitch for a little while before heading to the chapel for the service.  One of the songs tonight was Amazing Grace – done the traditional way (we’ve done it a couple of other ways, including to the tune of House of the Rising Sun), and that sure was nice.  It’s one of my favorite hymns.  We’ve been lighting the Advent Wreath each week, and tonight was the Candle of Love.  They do a reading and a prayer and then light the candles.  It’s kind of nice having that!  But it was also kind of sad service as we had to say farewell to FIVE (although only 4 were there) members of Joyful Noez.  We will definitely miss CH, SH, KW, GD, and JP.  It was a pretty long service tonight – not done until about 1950 and then by the time we got everything put away it was about 2015 before we headed to the chow hall.  Then it was off to call Ryan & Robbie (even though Robbie didn’t want to talk much) and then Mom & Dad.  Everyone left Green Beans early, so I didn’t get to hang out with them, but DN stuck around to walk me home.

Now I’m finishing up on the computer and about to head to bed.

Today’s high:  59
Current:  45


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