Grupo Histeria gig

Today was a pretty long day.  After formation we had to check some information on some of our equipment and then we had a class on the uniform policy over here.  Then I headed out to get a t-wall and coins for Joyful Noez for our 5 leaving this week.  By then it was lunchtime.  I did e-mails and stuff and I stitched through lunch.  After lunch we had two more classes – evaluate a casualty and cold weather injury prevention.  Then I went and did an hour and 15 minutes of individual practice on my trombone before heading back to my office for a little bit.  I got started on the ADO order for the month and then it was time to go unload the truck and get set up for the Salsa gig.  It was just across the street at the pavillion by Green Beans, so not bad.  We got all set up and headed to dinner and then back for sound check.  The gig went really well – played about 2 hours straight and there was a decent crowd there – maybe 50-75.  Not as many as we usually get, but it wasn’t really well advertised and it was a little windy (just about everyone in the band was cold except me – it was maybe 60 out).  After we had torn down and got everything back to the band hall, I did my final set of 10 pushups for the day when I went into my office to get my stuff to go home.  My final total for today??  110 pushups!!  I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow I think.

Off to bed for me – I’m exhausted.

Today’s high:  66
Current:  54

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