A Ceremony and Stuck in the middle of nowhere

Friday evening was our flight to where we are.  Well, after a short rehearsal at the band hall, we headed to the airfield.  We got our pallet built with the instruments and stuff and then awaited our flights.  The majority of the band (just ceremonial band – not the full band) was on the first flight.  They left out and I was left in charge of 4 Soldiers and all the equipment.  Eventually the Sherpa (a type of Army plane r)eturned for us.  But by then the weather had turned and there was lightning and strong winds.  We sat and waited and waited and finally learned that our flight had been cancelled.  So I called the band hall and eventually got transportation for us back to the band hall.  We got back about 0215 or so after having formation at 1500 the previous day.  Talk about a long night.  I was able to get Saturday off for the guys in my crew and I slept until about 1000.  I went to lunch with my friend DP and then went back to my room and crocheted until I got word that we would be flying that evening.
So we got to the airfield again and switched out the tubas – we had found out that the ceremony would be a standing ceremony and the tuba players needed sousaphones instead of tubas.  We got that taken care of, I checked with the flight people and we had time so we were able to go to dinner at the chow hall near the airfield.  Then it was back to get ready for the flight, and we actually flew this time.  There were the 5 of us from the band plus 2 really cool civilians.  It was a great flight – really smooth except for the one small weather system we flew through.  SFC J was waiting for us when we landed, and we got the equipment off the plane and loaded on a truck and we drove to our temporary housing location.  All the band members came and got their instruments to be taken to their own room.  We were shown the chow hall and MWR building after we got our rooms, and then we got something to eat and after I went and checked e-mail and  stuff.  Then it was off to bed.

Sunday morning was ceremony rehearsal with the Koreans.  We went through the ceremony twice and that was it for the day.  We were on our own.  I got 5.75 hours of stitching in throughout the day, and also spent some time on the computers.  The chow hall is open 24 hours a day with snacks and drinks and stuff, as well as the 3 normal meals when they have hot food.  The food here is really good and the place is really small so there are not a lot of Soldiers here.

Monday morning was the Korean End of Mission Ceremony, the reason we’re here.  The ceremony went really well and we got a lot of pictures with the Korean Soldiers as well.  After the ceremony, many of us traded our unit patches for their Korean flag patches off their uniforms.  I really enjoyed the comraderie.  Of course, my right sleeve is "naked" as I didn’t have any extra patches with me like I usually do on trips, but as soon as we get back to Camp Victory, I’ll put my combat patch back on.  We had the rest of the day off and I did some more computering and some stitching and I ended up taking about a 3 hour nap in anticipation of another late night with our flight back.  But that was not to be.  It got FOGGY after the first group left for the airfield.  About 2200 I headed to the chow hall for a snack and there were 4 of the 5 of us from the second flight sitting in there when one of the guys from the first flight walked in.  That was not a good sign.  But because of the fog, the plane couldn’t even land here let alone take off again.  So we are stuck.

Tuesday morning I slept in a little and then headed to the chow hall about 0900 – just after regular breakfast hours, but I was still able to have some cereal and a donut to eat.  I spent the day at the MWR building doing computer stuff and stitching – stitched about 4.5 hours on the same project I’ve been working on.  Once I get back "home", I’ll post a before-the-trip picture and a current progress pic.  After formation (an informational gathering at the chow hall) and dinner I did laundry since I had only packed for a couple of days.  Then it was more stitching and computering.

Now I’m all caught up to today, Wednesday.  We’re still here.  I’ll keep you posted!!

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