More salsa

After turning in laundry, breakfast, and formation, we had salsa band rehearsal again.  I played much better this morning than I did last night.  It was a really good last rehearsal before our next gig.  Rehearsal went pretty much all morning.  Once in my office, I did a few e-mails and then I stitched through lunch.  After lunch we had ceremonial band rehearsal for an upcoming gig and then I went to my practice spot to put in an hour of individual time on my trombone.  Then it was in my office for the rest of the afternoon – some e-mails, some ADO stuff, some FOO stuff.  The afternoon went by pretty quickly and then I headed to dinner.  I stopped to pick up laundry on my way home, and I’ve had a nice evening crocheting.  I finished presents for two people – only 1 to go!!  Off to bed now – before 2300!!

Today’s High:  73
Current:  63