Another day done

I slept until about 0740 this morning, even after all the sleep yesterday.  I guess my body just needs to recover from the race yesterday morning.  I got ready and headed to breakfast and then to work.  After formation I headed to my office and worked on some paperwork and other computer stuff.  I stitched during lunch.  Then after lunch I went for my appointment to draw funds at the Field Ordering Officer (FOO) Pay Agent but some of my paperwork wasn’t correct so I went back to work to fix it.  Of course, it needs to go up to Battalion for signatures so I’ll have to go back another day to get the funds.  Then we had Stage Band sectionals after a reenlistment ceremony to finish out the day.  That went pretty well.  After a quick dinner it was back for salsa band rehearsal.  Rehearsal itself went pretty well, but I wasn’t playing very well.  It was really loud in there and I couldn’t hear the other parts to tell if I was in tune or not.  And I was missing notes and rhythms left and right.  At least I got my bad day out of the way before our gig this week.  Rehearsal went until 2000 and then I finally headed home to do computer stuff.  I’m going to bed now – too tired for anything else.

Today’s High: 73
Current: 63

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