VTC, Las Vegas Marathon (Half) and a Coin

Last night I couldn’t get LiveJournal to load so I couldn’t post a blog. Yesterday I did my hour of practicing in the morning and then ceremonial band rehearsal. I stitched through lunch. After lunch was stage band from 1-3 and then I spent the rest of the afternoon in my office taking care of email and stuff. Then it was home to crochet until it was time to head to Battalion for my Video-Teleconference (VTC) with Ryan and Robbie. I always enjoy those – getting to see and talk to my guys. Robbie was sleepy/snuggly yesterday, so he didn’t really talk much, but it’s still nice seeing them.

This morning I was up EARLY on my day off. I met up with CT and NJ and we headed over to Camp Liberty to run the Las Vegas Marathon satellite they had here. It was a half marathon. My friend ST from Joyful Noez was there also. I started the race with her, but she’s a faster runner than I am so she left me fairly early. It was a beautiful day for a race and about 63 degrees. I finished in 2:32:48, an 11:44 pace. After I had finished, those of us from the band started walking back. We ended up getting a ride from some other 10th Mountain guys that had a bus. That was nice! Once back in my room I chatted with Ryan for a while and then I grabbed a shower and went back to bed. I guess my body really needed sleep as I slept pretty much straight through from about 1030 until 1600. Of course, I was REALLY stiff when I finally woke up. I did a little on my computer for a while before heading to the chapel for the evening service.

The power was out at the chapel when I got there, but eventually they got some generators hooked up and we had power. We got our sound check and rehearsal done and our pre-service prayer time. Our preacher tonight was the Chief of Chaplains, the senior Chaplain in the U.S. Army – Major General Carver. He was really nice and gave a great message. The praise team was ON tonight and it was an awesome service. After the service, we got a Joyful Noez picture taken with MG Carver and he presented us all with his coin. It’s a really neat coin, and this one will go in the category of "special coins." Coins are pretty much a dime a dozen for us in the Army band field, but certain ones for certain things really stand out, and this is one of them for me.

After the service and pictures, we headed over to the chow hall for dinner – my first meal today since the race. I sure was hungry. And then I stopped at the Band Hall to call Ryan & Robbie and Mom & Dad. I had nice chats with all of them – except Robbie didn’t want to talk on the phone. But that’s ok – I still love him anyway. Then it was off to Green Beans to hang out for a little while before heading home. And now it’s time for bed.

Today’s High: 73
Current: 63

One thought on “VTC, Las Vegas Marathon (Half) and a Coin

  1. I can imagine how stiff you were after sleeping so long after a race! At least you were able to make up for the fact that you had to get up so early on your day off. 🙂 Congratulations!

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