4 hours of rehearsal

I attempted to run this morning.  But my running buddy overslept and I tried to go by myself but I started coughing up a couple of lungs.  I decided maybe more sleep would be wise so I did that.  I slept for another hour and a half and almost overslept myself.  I did manage to get breakfast before the chow hall closed, so that was good at least.  Then I headed to the Honor Chapel for a briefing with the Command Sergeant Major.  He wanted to talk to all the Staff Sergeants in the Battalion that are eligible to be looked at for Sergeant First Class at the next board in February.  I am one of them!  It was a pretty interesting session – things to look for in our records to make sure everything is correct and stuff like that.

After that was done, I stopped by my room on my way to the band hall as I had something I needed to bring to work.  Once at work it was nearly 1100 so I didn’t have time for much – e-mails, a little bit of ADO stuff.  I stitched during part of lunch, and then I remembered that I needed to have questions ready for the mock promotion board at 1300, of which I was a part.  So I got my questions together and printed them out just in time to head to the board.  The Soldier did a lot better than the last mock board I sat on, but she still needs some work before she goes to her real promotion board.  When that was done, I had some time in my office to get caught up on ADO until the mail came, and I did some other paperwork and computer work that needed to be done for supply. 

And then the 4 hours of rehearsals began.  From 1500-1700 we had stage band rehearsal – sectionals for the first hour and then full band.  Rehearsal went really well, and the trombones sounded pretty good today!  Then I headed to a quick dinner with DP, CH, and S (I still can’t remember his last name) and then back to the band hall for salsa rehearsal from 1800-2000.  That was a fun rehearsal and we sounded pretty good as well.  But I was glad that was done after playing for 4 hours.  I headed home to my crocheting and am almost done with another project, so that made for a good evening!  I’m off to bed now so I can get up and hopefully run in the morning.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  63

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