Pay Agent Class and a Clean Room

I ran with CH this morning. He’s another friend from Joyful Noez. We went my usual 3.65 miles and ran it in 36:46, a 10:04 pace. This was my third fastest time on this route and I felt really good afterwards. Once back and showered and changed, I had a little bit of time for computer stuff and chatting with Ryan but not as much as usual. I was at the band hall about 0815 and did a quick check of my e-mail before I headed out to the neighboring camp to go to the Pay Agent class. I will be handling the cash to buy stuff from various places around here – thingslike office supplies, storage lockers, etc. It was only a 45 minute class – and I went through it back in June. But I couldn’t find my course completion memo anywhere and I need that to draw funds so I retook the class. It was good refresher training, and they have actually changed a few things.

Then it was back to the band hall to my office where I got caught up on ADO stuff (until the mail came this afternoon) and did some other things. I stitched during lunch and then more with ADO because the mail came. I also took a trip to the PX to get some more nyquil so I can sleep tonight. And I brought my second patrol cap to the alterations shop and had them sew rank on it for me. It cost me a whole $2. LOL Around 1515 I headed outside to practice for an hour and fifteen minutes. I was really light headed at the end as I was really trying to push a lot of air through my horn. It felt great! Who needs drugs to get high when you have a trombone?

I ended the day in my office checking e-mails and stuff, and then I headed home. I got my room straightened up and put a bunch of stuff in my tuff box to prepare for our room inspections we have tomorrow morning. I spent the evening crocheting and chatting with friends. I think I’m going to head to bed now. Early for a change!

I’ve changed my running goal slightly – it is now 750 miles while I’m here.

Today’s High:  71
Current:  59