New Watch!!

I actually got up and run this morning.  My friend DP offered to run with me, so it was really nice having a running buddy again.  It was a very nice run – about 54 degrees.  I went 3.65 miles in 37:44, a 10:20 pace.  Not bad for not having run at all since Halloween.  It sure felt good to be outside running again.

Then after breakfast it was off to formation.  I had planned on practicing this morning, but I had some stuff come up in supply.  I put those fires out and then it was lunchtime so I got my stitching out and stitched through lunch.  After lunch was more supply stuff – ADO and Pay Agent stuff.  I have a new hat I’ll be wearing now as the Paying Agent for our local purchases.  Then at 1500 we had a high-up important visitor to hand out some coins to the Jazz Combo.  After that, it was time for salsa band rehearsal to finish out the day.

So now, about my watch.  My old one is dying a slow death.  And of course I just got a new battery in it.  But the band is being held together by super glue as it cracked and was trying to fall apart.  It’s really hard to replace the bands on these kinds of watches because they’re molded.  So my new watch came in the mail today.  It’s another Timex Ironman Triathlon – the same kind of watch I’ve had for 16 years.  Just a different model.  And it’s the men’s version so it’s a little bit for me.  This is a really cool watch – I have 3 different time zones I can set, 3 different alarms, stop watch, countdown timer, and an Occasion function. Do you want to know the best part?  It’s a $50 watch and I got it for $35 including shipping!!  I like deals like that.

Tonight was Country Night and it was a ton of fun like usual.  I’m really starting to get more of the line dances, and I started working on a new one tonight.  It still needs more practice, but eventually I’ll get it.  Two-stepping and waltzes are starting to come a little more naturally to me, but I still have to really concentrate when I’m dancing.

Now I’m home and heading to bed.

Today’s High:  77
Current:  57


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