Happy Veterans’ Day!!!

Yes, I realize it was yesterday.  But I didn’t write yesterday.

Thank you to ALL Veterans, but especially to Grandpa Bob, my dad Dale, and my wonderful husband Ryan.  Thank you for your service to our great country!

Yesterday my Brass Quintet played at a Veterans’ Day ceremony on one of the neighboring camps around our area.  It was really nice and afterward we ate lunch at the chow hall there.  Then in the afternoon we had a class on Information Assurance at the chapel and then I worked on supply stuff for the rest of the day.  After crocheting for a while after I got home after dinner, I went and watched a movie with some friends.

This morning I had to be at Battalion by 0745 and a group of us (3 from the band, others from Battalion) headed out for some Unit Movement Officer training.  We learned how to build pallets and how to properly chain down containers for air transport.  It was all stuff I’ve done before, but hands-on refresher training is always good.  One of the PAO Soldiers came with us to take pictures and her camera decided it didn’t want to work.  So she asked if anyone had their camera with them – of course, I did.  I always have my camera in my left ankle pocket.  So I let her use mine.  Once we got back to the Battalion area, I went with her to her office so she could get the pictures off my memory card.

I had time to stitch for about 30 minutes once I got back to the band hall and then after lunchtime we had a short class.  After the class I got some supply stuff done (ADO) and then we had a ceremonial band rehearal to get ready for an upcoming gig.  Rehearsal went well other than giving myself a paper cut on my lip.  Yes, you read that right.  I had some music in my mouth to hold it as I was sorting it and I managed to give myself a paper cut.  OUCH!!!  After rehearsal, I finished up some ADO stuff – although sometimes it seems like it’s neverending.  Then I headed out to dinner with DP.  And then it was back to the band hall for salsa band rehearsal.  That went just a little over an hour and then I headed home to crochet for the evening.

Off to bed now.  I actually will get up in the morning to run – I have a running buddy.  🙂

Today’s High:  75
Current:  57

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