Busy Day

I slept until 0815 this morning and that sure was nice!!  I had to be at Battalion at 0900 for supply training and it only takes about 5 minutes to walk over there.  And I didn’t go to breakfast – just ate in my room.  The training class this week covered Financial Liability Investigation for Property Loss (FLIPL – pronounced flipple).  We talked about how to fill out the form properly and the various steps it goes through before resolution.  It was pretty interesting.  Then it was back to the band hall for brass quintet rehearsal for our ceremony on Monday.  Then it was lunch time and I headed to the chow hall to eat with DG.  She’s leaving this week and this will be one of my last times to eat lunch with her.  We had a nice chat over our salads and ice cream.  Then it was back to my office to get ready for part of the sensitive items inventory – get everything laid out and in order.  Then we did the inventory (each month a different Sergeant First Class does the inventory – I just read serial numbers).  Then I did a few more things on my computer before we headed to the arms room at Battalion to inventory our weapons that are in there.  Well, the armorer didn’t show up as planned so we are going to have to go back on Monday.  That was a wasted 40 minutes while we waited. 

We headed back to the band hall and headed to ceremonial band rehearsal.  That went well – fun songs for our gig!  And then I finally was able to attempt to do some work in my office.  I say attempt because the web site I needed to go to for ADO stuff was down and I couldn’t get in.  That always seems to happen.  But I did a few other things that needed to be done and then headed home via the chow hall and dinner with DP.  We always have good conversations when we eat together.  I finally remembered to stop and pick up my laundry that’s been ready for about 3 days.  Once in my room, I got my laundry put away and then I went and took a shower in my own shower – they’ve had our showers closed because they were replacing the flooring and I’ve had to walk quite a way to get to a shower.  Then I spent the evening crocheting and chatting with Ryan and other friends.  I finished one project and started another one, and I might be able to finish that tomorrow.  We can always hope anyways.

Off to bed now.

Today’s high:  77
Current:  63

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