Headache yesterday and a good day today

Yesterday morning and early afternoon I spent in my office working on the ADO order for the month.  I stitched during lunch.  Midway through the afternoon I had a headache come on all of a sudden.  WHAM!  I don’t know what brought it on, but it wasn’t a migraine for a change.  It was an all out tension one.  And I still had a rehearsal/recording session to go to.  OW.  It hurt to play and just kept getting worse, but I made it through.  After the duty day was done, I made it to the chow hall and managed to eat 3/4 of a grilled cheese and about 2 sips of chocolate milk.  My head hurt so bad it was making me nauseous.  It hurt walking so I walked home really slow.  Got in my room and turned on the outside light but didn’t touch the inside one.  I got my hair down and changed into PTs, took some Tylenol, set my alarm for 0710 just in case, and laid down.  This was about 1800.  I was OUT.  I slept until 0720 this morning – 13 hours of sleep.  I sure felt better when I woke up though.

I turned in laundry this morning on my way to the chow hall for breakfast.  After formation we had brass quintet rehearsal and that went well.  Then I stitched at lunch.  After lunch I finished up the ADO ordering (I still have some final paperwork to do tomorrow) and then we had salsa band rehearsal to close out the day.  That was a lot of fun as always.  Then I headed to dinner and then home to change and crochet for a while before heading to Country Night.  That’s when the fun began.  MD, JM, and I went early as they wanted to play ping-pong, so we all played ping-pong for a little bit.  Well, there was an alert and when that happens I have to go in for accountability.  Except it was after 2100 and accountability is by where we live.  I was at the MWR on the other side of camp – like between 3/4 mile and a mile away.  So I RAN back to where we live while carrying my weapon.  And then I had to go round up the other females since I was first female there.  And then since I wanted to get back to country night, I ran back.  So I did PT before I even started dancing.  I’m really starting to catch on to most of the line dances, although there are still some that I manage to trip all over myself doing them.  And I learned how to do country waltz tonight, and of course two-stepping.  It was DG and BD’s last night there, so it was kind of sad.  I’m going to miss my "sisters".

Now I’m home and I think I’m going to sleep really good tonight with all the PT I did.  But before I go, I’ll leave you with some pictures.

Here is our first real rainy day.

Here’s me with Ruth.  She’s from Uganda and one of the security guards around post.  She’s usually outside the chapel, but sometimes she’s at the PX – like the day I took this picture.

And here’s my latest cross stitch finish.  Seven Days of Creation.  I started it 2 years ago in Afghanistan and after 145.25 hours of stitching, I finished it here in Iraq.

Today’s High:  75
Current:  59


One thought on “Headache yesterday and a good day today

  1. Oh Lani, I suffer from migraines and hardly ever get ‘normal’ headaches. I had a normal one a few days ago and it was very strange. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. How’s your icky feeling? Still under the weather or feeling better now?

    Great pic of you and Ruth. Even in all the war uniforms and guns and all, you two are absolutely beautiful.

    CONGRATS on finishing your 7 Days. I have still to start mine!

    HUGS!! Nancy :0)

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