A Day of Rehearsals

After formation this morning we had Stage Band rehearsal for the first time in quite some time.  We started working on Christmas music so it was a lot of fun.  Then I stitched at lunch like usual, and after lunch we had ceremonial band rehearsal for our gig on Sunday.  That went well, and then when that was done, I headed to my office to do my final ADO paperwork, type up some memos, get inventories scheduled, and do a document to correct serial numbers for a couple of items on the property book.  It was a really productive afternoon.  Of course, there were the usual e-mails and stuff to take care of as well.  We had a Logistics & Resource Management Division (aka supply shop) meeting after details were done, and then it was off to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  Rehearsal went really well, but it was kind of sad as well as it’s CB, DG, and BD’s last rehearsal.  Sunday will be even worse, and I’m going to make sure there’s a box of kleenex near the band at the service on Sunday.  After the rehearsal was done, we opted for pizza instead of the chow hall, and we hung out for quite a while even after we were done eating the pizza.  Now I’m home and after I finish catching my checkbook up, I’ll be off to bed.

Today’s high:  77
Current:  64

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