Welcome to the Newest US Citizens!

This morning started off with the Brass Quintet I’m in (Desert BBQ) playing at a Naturalization Ceremony at the Al Faw Palace.  There were 186 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines from 60 countries that became US citizens.  It was a really neat ceremony, and there was a TON of media there, including a guy from the CBS Evening News.  Our BQ played well.  It was quite a lengthy ceremony as they read each name individually and they were presented their Certificate of Naturalization, a coin from GEN Odierno, and a US flag (which was donated by AAFES).    We left for the ceremony at 0830 and got back to the band hall around 1100.  I spent the rest of the morning doing a few e-mails and other things in my office.  I went home at lunch for a change, and then back at 1300 for another 20 minutes in my office.

We had salsa rehearsal and that went well.  I really enjoy playing in that group and I can’t wait til our next gig, whenever that may be.  Then it was back to my office for another about 20 minutes before I headed over to the call center to use the phones to call Ryan & Robbie before they went to school for the day.  It’s always nice talking to them.  Robbie is so cute on the phone.  Then I did a bit of Christmas shopping at some of the little gift shops in the area and then back to my office for the last half hour of the day.  I didn’t really get a lot of supply stuff done today, but it was still a really good day.

I went to dinner with my friend JM from Joyful Noez.  We went to Popeye’s.  It was nice not going to the chow hall for a change and just sitting and talking.  Then it was home and shower and change into PTs and I crocheted the evening away.  I finished one project and started another.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish that one tomorrow night.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  64


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