I slept late this morning again.  Got up and chatted online a bit.  Got ready.  Dropped off laundry on my way to the chow hall on my way to work.  After formation we had brass quintet rehearsal as we have a gig tomorrow.  After rehearsal was done, I spent the rest of the morning in my office doing e-mails.  Then I stitched at lunch.  After lunch I handed out ADO to Soldiers that have come back from leave.  Then I met a friend at Green Beans for coffee for a little bit and then I headed to CIF to exchange a couple of uniforms for a Soldier.  Once I got back from CIF, I sat CQ for CT so she could go to the gym.  I stitched while I sat at the CQ desk.  Then when she got back, I had some new ADO in from the mail today so I took care of that, and then I headed to dinner.  After dinner it was home to change and then over to my friend D’s room for our weekly stitching night.  We had a lot of fun looking at (and sharing – I brought my thumb drive) pictures, stitching, and watching the movie Deja Vu.  I had to leave before it was over, but I’m definitely going to need to find it and watch the whole thing.  I’m really going to miss our evenings stitching when she leaves to go back to the states in a few weeks.

Off to bed now. . .


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