Sleep and Crochet

I slept until nearly 1100 this morning and boy did that feel good!  Once up, I did computer stuff until it was time to head to Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Prayer Shawl Ministry was another media day – this time on video.  It’s kind of nice getting all this publicity, but now if we could get more people to come – and more yarn donations.  The media guy stayed almost the whole 2 hours just filming us working, etc.  He did interview me at the beginning.  I’m almost done with my 4th prayer shawl – next week I’ll finish it up and start on #5.  After we were done, I stopped by the Post Office on my way home to mail a few things.  Of course, once I got there, I realized I didn’t have an address for one of the items, so that will have to wait until next trip.  Oops!  Then I stopped and picked up my laundry before heading home.  I crocheted on a Christmas present and chatted with Mom for a bit before it was time to head to the chapel for the evening worship service.  Our set was awesome and the service was really good, and since it is first Sunday, it was Communion Sunday as well.  I always look forward to the first Sunday of each month because of Communion.  Then after the service, it was off to the chow hall for dinner, and then to the band hall for phone calls – Ryan & Robbie (except I only got to talk to Ryan for a little bit because they were at the Golden Unicorn for lunch and he was standing outside freezing and their food came), Rick, and Mom & Dad.  Then to Green Beans for a few hands of Combat Uno.  Once I got home, I crocheted a bit more as I was just about done with a project and I wanted to finish it before bed.  I still have to tuck the ends in, but I’ll do that on Tuesday.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  63

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