Welcome to November

This morning didn’t start off like I had planned.  I had planned on sleeping until about 0815 and then starting my day.  But nope.  I had to be over for a flu shot at 0730.  Yay.  So I waited in line and got shot and came home and did computer stuff and finished getting ready for my day – I had just kind of sort of thrown my hair up and I had to fix it.  The shortly before 0900 I headed over to Battalion for a supply training session.  This week’s topic was on preparing Statements of Charges.  I’ve done them before, but it’s always good to have refresher training.  Once that was done, I headed over to the band hall and got to work in my office.  I had to do up my monthly counseling for my Soldier and then she and I talked about what she did last month and goals for this coming month.  By the time we were done, it was lunchtime.  I got my stitching out and one of my friends brought me a grilled cheese sandwich from the chow hall.  That was nice!

After lunch I did more work on my computer, and then at 1500 we had ceremonial band rehearsal.  That went ok.  Some of the pieces didn’t go very well, but people just need to practice their parts.  I have a few that I need to look at as well before the next rehearsal.  After rehearsal, I had a few things to finish up in my office, so I didn’t head to chow until about 1730 or so.  I sat with one of our Chaplains, and then our new leader of Joyful Noez came and joined us.  He walked me home so I didn’t have to walk by myself – that and he needed to talk to me about something.  He’s a Navy E-6 and fairly new to JN, but he’s doing a great job as our new worship leader.  Once I got home, I got changed and spent the evening doing computer stuff and crocheting on a Christmas present.  I’m off to bed now to try and rid of whatever this is that is ailing me.

Today’s high:  73
Current:  66

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