Really Good Day

This morning started off with our semi-annual weigh-in.  I was BARELY under my table weight, but under is under so I didn’t have to be taped.  I did tape the other females that needed to be taped for body fat percentage.  Then I stopped at the chow hall for breakfast on my way home.  Once home, I got changed and played on my computer for a bit and I crocheted for a while as well.  Then it was off to work.  After formation we had brass quintet rehearsal and that went really well.  During our break, I pulled up "Misty" to see where I was at on it.  It’s a trombone feature, jazz balad, and it’s pretty high.  Like at the top of my range high.  I’ve not been able to play it since my softball injury.  But today I could!  It still needs a lot of work, but I got it.  So when the BQ leader got back from break, I asked him if we could play through "Misty" if we had time.  We did, and it went pretty well.  It’s a ways from being performance ready, but it was so awesome being able to play it even a little.  That’s a huge milestone in my recovery process – my high range is finally coming back!

After rehearsal was done, it was about lunchtime.  I went in my office and checked my e-mail and stuff from the morning and answered those that needed to be answered.  Then I stitched for the rest of the time.  After lunch I did computer stuff and then when the mail clerks came back from getting mail, I had a ton of ADO to take care of – like 2 mail bags full plus a few more that weren’t in the bag.  I got them all sorted and all delivered except for those Soldiers on leave.  I still have some paperwork to finish up tomorrow, but at least I know I have something to do.  Also in the afternoon, I had to counsel a Soldier for not passing the tape test for the weigh in this morning.  That’s never a fun job, but it’s one that has to be done.

Soon it was time to head for home, and I got changed back into my muddy/yucky boots and left my good ones in my little cubby by the back door.  I had gotten a box from my brother today and a few other things, so I bypassed the chow hall.  My stomach wasn’t feeling too good anyway.  I got home and took a nice hot shower and changed into PTs.  I crocheted for a while, finishing the project I started this morning and starting on another one, and then about 0830 I headed to the MWR for Country Night.  I did quite a few of the line dances – some that I remembered from last week, some that I learned new this week.  And I danced some of the two-steps as well – some with D’s dance partner A as a refresher course so I could teach M how to dance.  It was wierd leading, and then M caught on pretty quick and I forgot that I wasn’t leading anymore.  It was a lot of fun, and definitely a good workout.  I think I’m going to go every week and get a little bit of extra PT in if nothing else.  They had burgers and hot dogs and some other food there this week as a farewell to one of the units that is leaving for home soon.  About 1/2 way through the night, I finally got hungry and I had a hot dog.  No bun, no ketchup.  Just a hot dog.  And it was very good!  Of course, it’s probably not the best pre-PT test food, but whatever.  🙂

I finally headed home about 2330 or so – M walked me home so I wasn’t walking  by myself.  Now I’m heading to bed because it’s way late and I have a PT test in less than 5 hours.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  64

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