October 28 – Tuesday Travel Day home

I slept in again Tuesday morning.  So much for cereal that comes out of a box and milk that doesn’t.  LOL  At least I had one breakfast while in Kuwait.  Once up, I got everything packed and then SFC M and I went to get our weapons.  We got CPT K’s as well while we were there.  It was a nice break to not have my weapon, but it also felt good to have my trusty "friend" back with me.  Then the 3 of us went to lunch before turning in our linen and checking out of the barracks.  We got a ride to the bus station and took the bus to the airport – another hour and a half ride.  I read since it was took dark and bumpy to stitch.  After much waiting at the airport – where I did stitch – we were finally on our way back to our "homes".  It was a very FULLY flight on a C-130 and I felt like a sardine.  And the guy across from me kept slouching down in his seat and his knees were practically in my chest.  Hello!!!  Common sense anyone??  But we made it back and NJ picked us up at the airport here.  It sure was nice to be back in my room with my computer and able to sleep in my own bed again!!

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