October 26 & 27 – Sunday & Monday

Sunday. . .

After we got our stuff on our assigned bunks, 3 of the 4 of us headed to the chow hall for breakfast.  They have real silverware, plates, bowls, and cups here.  And cereal that comes out of a box and milk that doesn’t!  After we ate, we headed back to the bay and the others went to sleep.  I crocheted for about 20 minutes and then about 0815 I headed across the street to the chapel for the 0830 Lutheran service.  It was another female Chaplain!  9 years in the Army and I’ve never had female chaplains until Balad and now.  It was a really nice service with Communion for the 10 of us in attendance.  After the service I chatted with the Chaplain and a few of the other attendees for a bit and then I headed to the PX.  Talk about a nice PX!!  MUCH bigger and more variety of stock than ours.  I bought a few things and then stopped by the bazaar to look around.  I ended up buying a Christmas present there.  Once back to the bay, I wrote out a postcard for a friend (hi A!!) and then I crawled into bed for about a 4 hour nap.  When I woke up, I finished the crochet project I had started earlier and when CPT K and SFC M got back from their shopping expedition, the 3 of us went to dinner.  After dinner, SFC M and I took our craft projects (she stitches as well!!) to the TV room and watched football.  I finished a second crochet project I had started after I finished the first one, and then I stitched for a while as well before heading to the phones (right in the same building) to call Ryan & Robbie and Mom & Dad.

Monday. . .

I slept in and then just lounged around and crocheted until lunchtime.  Then our briefing – it wasn’t really a class – was at 1300.  It only lasted 2 hours.  It was about stuff Unit Movement Officers have to do for redeploying.  Don’t get your hopes up – we’re still here for a while.  It’s just that the movement stuff starts way early – remember how many months before we came over here I started doing movement stuff?  Well, it’s even longer for the trip back home.  Once the briefing was done, I changed into PT’s and went for a 2.45 mile run in 23:34, a nice brisk 9:37 pace!!  I still want to get faster, but mainly today I wanted to test out my foot and see how it was feeling.  No pain during or later, so that’s a good sign!  It was short because I didn’t really know where to run and I didn’t feel like going in circles so I just went.  Oh, and I didn’t want to get lost either.  πŸ™‚  After the run and a shower, I went to dinner by myself since CPT K and SFC M weren’t around.  And then I spent the evening crocheting and stitching.

2 thoughts on “October 26 & 27 – Sunday & Monday

  1. Congratulations on such a great run on Monday! πŸ™‚ It must have been good to get out there. I’m the same way; I get a little scared testing out new routes because I’m afraid I’ll get lost.

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