Time to get back on track

Monday it was back to work.  I didn’t have any rehearsals so I had lots of time to work on getting the ADO finished for the month.  Despite having all day, I still didn’t get it done.  Monday night was my weekly stitching night with my friend D.

Tuesday was more of the same – trying to get caught up on supply stuff from while I was gone.  We had salsa band rehearsal after lunch and then I was back in my office to finish out the day.  I spent the evening crocheting and I finished one Christmas present and worked on another one.

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling miserable.  I was stuffed up and sneezing and my head hurt and all that fun stuff.  And we were supposed to get our flu shots.  But they ran out before they got to my team, so we’ll have to go back some other time.  Then it was off to work, but SO and I stopped at Green Beans on our way, and he bought me a coffee.  We sat outside for a while and chatted while we drank our coffee.  Then I spent the rest of the morning in my office continuing getting caught up.  After lunch, I sat on a mock promotion board for a Soldier who will be going to her Staff Sergeant promotion board soon.  I had questions on the Roles & Responsibilities of the NCO, Leadership, Counseling, and Current Events.  Of course, I had to ask a NASCAR question for one of my current events questions!  After I was done with the board, I waited around until they got back with mail and then I headed home for the rest of the day (with permission).  I slept for a couple of hours until some noise outside woke me up.  One of my friends brought me dinner and then I just sat in my room and crocheted and watched a movie (Witless Protection – for the 3rd time).

I’ll be back later to write about today. . .


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