Country Night

I felt a lot better this morning when I got up. I’m definitely not completely better yet, but at least my head doesn’t feel like it’s being squeezed and I can sort of breathe. And I had energy. So I got ready and then it was off to the chow hall for breakfast on my way to work. After formation this morning, I checked my e-mail and answered a few. Then we had brass quintet rehearsal!! We sight read through a bunch of Christmas songs, so that was fun! It sure was nice being back in quintet again. Then I stitched during lunch, and after lunch I did some stuff on my computer until 1500 when we had salsa rehearsal. That was a lot of fun as well and we had a good rehearsal. It was a really good day, and 3 hours of playing. I headed to dinner and then home. I crocheted on a Christmas present and I chatted with my best friend from middle school/high school HB. We’ve lost touch over the past years, and she found me on Facebook. It sure was awesome getting to chat with her again and catching up on the past years. Then about 2100 I headed over to the MWR for Country Night. My friend SB (from Joyful Noez) is leaving next week and this was to be his last Country Night. Him and DG (also from JN and my Monday night stitching friend) have been asking me to join them at country night for the past couple of months or so and I’ve never gone. So I went tonight, and I’m glad I did. I had a lot of fun. They got a lot of laughs at watching me try and be coordinated enough to do the line dances, none of which I knew. And learning how to two-step was interesting as well, and provided much entertainment to those trying to teach me. I did dance a few songs with SB, though, and that was fun. I hope Ryan and I can find a good country place to go so we can dance once in a while once I get back home. Now I’m heading to bed, but before I go, I’ll leave you with my running ticker so you can see where I’m at. I had hoped to get over 200 this week, but with hurting my foot running Monday morning (I fell off the sidewalk and bruised up the side of my foot pretty good) and now getting sick, it’s not going to happen. But by the end of the month for sure!!

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