Saturday & Sunday

I’m almost caught up with the blogs!!

Saturday was a travel day.  I got checked out of temp. billeting and got on the bus to the air terminal.  Eventually they did roll call and we built the pallet with our baggage and finally the flight got ready to leave.  I got some stitching done while I was waiting.  The flight was short and uneventful, and after a short briefing when we got back here, I went out to get my bag and NJ was there waiting for me!  He actually carried my rucksack for me – I thought that was awfully nice of him.  Then it was back to the band hall where I went straight to Salsa Band rehearsal.  Was I glad to be back?  You bet!!  It was nice being able to jump right back into my music.  After rehearsal I went to my office and went through the 118 e-mails that were in my inbox of my work e-mail.  And then I got a ride home since I still had my rucksack plus 2 packages that had come while I was gone.  At 2100 I had a VTC with my guys, so that was a really nice way to end my day!!  

Sunday I slept until 1030 and just kind of was lazy getting caught up on the internet and stuff.  Then I had prayer shawl ministry from 1300-1500.  We have our first male member.  He started last week and is learning how to crochet.  He’s doing really well so far.  After prayer shawl, I headed home for a while and did more computer stuff until I headed back for my 1830 chapel service.  I didn’t sing with the praise team tonight because I wasn’t at rehearsal, but that’s ok.  I can still sing as part of the congregation!!  It was great being back with my "family" and in my "home church".  Everyone was glad to see me as well.  After the service we went to dinner at the chow hall and then to Green Beans to hang out and play Combat Uno.  On my way to Green Beans, I stopped by the band hall and called Mom and we had a nice chat! 

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