16 & 17 October

Thursday. . .

I slept until 0630 and then got up and ready for the day.  I headed to the chow hall for breakfast and then to class.  We spent the morning redoing all of the PEs that we’ve done so far – just for more practice.  The instructor wiped out all our information.  I finished mine in just over an hour, but it took some all morning until lunch.  I stitched quite a bit, but I also helped SSG D out with his (yes, we’re allowed to help each other).  He was struggling a bit with them and he appreciated my help.  We ate lunch together again and then back for the afternoon.  We talked about more of the sections in the PBUSE program and did more PEs.  And I was finally able to get my flight info for Saturday, so that’s a good thing.  It only took 3 phone calls back to the unit to accomplish that.  After class I changed up my routine a bit and went to the MWR for my computer time.  We were having a dust storm, so no running, thus the decision for the change.  After MWR, I went to the Beauty Shop and had them wash my hair.  The water pressure in the showers I use is really low and it took me forever to wash my hair the other day.  Plus, it’s always nice to have someone else wash it for you once in a while.  After that, I stopped by the chow hall for dinner on my way back to my room.  My running friend AC saw me in the chow hall and sat with me.  We had good conversation while we ate.  Then I headed home and changed into PTs and went and stitched for a while before heading to bed.

Friday. . .

Once again I got up about 0630 and got ready and headed to breakfast.  After I ate, I got on the bus and headed to class for the last day.  I got about 15 minutes of stitching in before class started.  During the morning we covered the rest of the program and did the last PE and also did course evaluations.  After lunch (ate with SSG D again), we had our test.  Once you were done with your test and the instructor checked your stuff, you could help others if they needed it.  I stitched for a while once I finished, and then SSG D needed some help, so I went over and helped him get through his test.  Once everyone was done, we cleaned the classroom and then headed to the auditorium in the Ed Center for our graduation.  I got my certificate so now I’m officially trained on PBUSE.  🙂  After the ceremony was done, I headed back to my room and got changed into PTs and packed as much as I could.  Around 1900 several of us from the class got together for pizza at Pizza Hut, and we ended up hanging out there talking and laughing for over 2 1/2 hours.  It was a lot of fun.  I got back and headed to bed.


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